In addition to the usual plastic cover, tyres are a great way to recycle silage wrap. Instead of disposing of it in a landfill, you can place a large pile of hay on the ground and roll it up by tractor. You can also collect the wrap immediately after baling and shake it to remove excess. Then, roll it into a ball or stuff it in a drum and keep it out of the landfill. Buy quality silage wrap at now. 

SoloPower 21 is a 21micron film. 

silage wrapThe Silopower 21micron film for silage wrap features seven layer technology that improves the properties of the film. It also features a higher dart drop strength, reducing thickness tolerances, and providing better adhesion. The film is manufactured in Poland and uses a high recycled raw material content, making it a great option for round bale wrapping. In addition, the Silopower 21micron film can be applied to various crops and has a high level of tear resistance.

SILOPOWER 21 is a 21micron film designed to have the same benefits as a seven layer film but with a length of 1900m. Because of its additional 400mm of film per roll is an excellent economical option for softer grasses. In addition, the film meets the requirements of EN 14932:2018 for thermoplastic stretch films, which specify the optical and mechanical characteristics of silage wrap.

Silawrap is a 750mm x 1,500m film

In Ireland, the main type of bale wrap is 750mm x 1,500m film, known as Silawrap. This product is commonly used for baled silage and comes in rolls of 750mm x 1,500m. It is also available in long rolls. Silawrap Pro is a product version with a 20mm plastic core. This film has many benefits over traditional bale wrap.

RaniWrap is a 750mm x 1,950m film

A 750mm x 1,950m silo wrap film, RaniWrap is manufactured by Rani Plast, the world’s largest agricultural film manufacturer. It has been developed over several years to improve its properties and make it more efficient for contractors and farmers. It features a perfect finish backed by Rani Plast’s strict quality control process.

Tytan is a 21micron film.

If you’re looking for the best silage wrap for your next harvest, consider Tytan. Its high puncture and tear resistance provides superior air-tightness while providing extra strength for consistent performance. And the good news is that it’s safe to use on all types of crops and climates. Read on to learn more about this superior silage wrap.

Volac is a 750mm x 1,500m film

It has been used for many years in the baling of hay and is commonly available as a 750mm x 1,500mm roll. But there are other brands available, and it is also possible to buy longer rolls of the same film. One brand, Volac, is a 750mm x 1,950m film with 20mm plastic, slightly thinner than the usual bale wrap. Buy quality silage wrap at now.

Silotite is a 750mm x 1,500m film

A 750mm x 1,500mm roll of silotite is commonly used to secure the bales of baled silage. However, the film can be purchased in 750mm, 1,500mm, and even longer rolls. One type of silage wrap film is Silotite Pro, which is 20mm thick and is ideal for baled silage. It has many advantages over traditional bale wraps, including its strength and durability.

The film must protect the bales from UV-Strahlung and wild animals for silage. If the bales are covered with a dark-coloured film, the light will not reach the top layers of futter, leading to loss of nutrients. Fortunately, transparent silage wrap films are now available and can help farmers see their bales better.

Five Ways Silage Wrap Films Can Help Farmers

The growth of biofuels is expected to alter the agriculture industry in the next decade significantly. Consequently, silage wrap films will become an essential component of biofuel production. Important organizations have begun to change their campaigns and policies to focus on the world’s food supply sustainability. Here are some ways silage wrap films can help farmers. Listed below are five important advantages of using this film for silage production. In addition, silage wrap films provide a smooth surface to place silage.

A single layer of silage wrap protects a bale from weather and oxygen. The film is approximately one mil thick and clings on both sides. The film can be used to wrap as many as four bales. The number of layers required will depend on the size of the bale. If you’re wrapping many bales, you can use one silage wrap to protect multiple bales at once.

Several factors influence the quality of silage wrap films. The oxidation and moisture control of the film are two of the most significant factors. In addition, the oxygen content of the film will affect the development of the silage, so choosing the right film is important for improving the quality of the final product. Silage wrap films have other uses besides silage production. For example, they’re often used to transport waste materials and prevent animal disease. Buy quality silage wrap at now.